About the Forum

About the Student Forum

 The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies provides this Student Forum for the students, staff, and faculty of Coastal Carolina University to share their perspectives about posted topics and issues.   This forum is intended to be a conversation and, as such, a learning process through which students, staff, and faculty  can exchange ideas and become more aware of the diversity of perspectives regarding contemporary issues centered on peace and conflict.

 Only those comments submitted by individuals with a valid CCU email or other form of identity will be posted.

The Center does not promote the views or policies of any particular political party, the beliefs of any particular religion or philosophy, or a particular social agenda. It does promote human respect, human rights, and human responsibility. Fundamental to the Center’s mission is its intent to encourage understanding about peace and conflict and to encourage action that promotes peace.

Those who submit comments to the Student Forum are expected to demonstrate respect for the right of free expression and to present their point of view in a manner and tone respectful of others and conducive to intelligent conversation.

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